Uppland has designed the Innovative stirrups  with kinetic energy absorber system in order to significantly reduce strain on the rider’s knee joints during riding, especially when jumping over fences. In addition to, stirrups by Uppland allow to achieve an unusually solid and unchangeable foot position in the stirrup, which provides stable and comfortable lower leg application.The footpad is made of durable and extremely abrasion-resistant composite. Spike-shaped extensions improve the adhesion of the shoe-sole, preventing the foot from slipping out of the stirrup.

Comfort for Riders:

Stirrups by Uppland have been created in cooperation with riders on various levels of training. From hobbyists, through amateurs, to professional riders.

This large group included not only jumpers, but also dressage riders as well as eventers. A large part of the test-group were riders having suffered from injuries and therefore complaining about pain in their knees and ankles, occurring immediately after training. They testified that their pain is considerably reduced using our stirrups. We have adopted such a wide and diverse test-group, in order to create a product that satisfies the expectations of all kind of riders, regardless of the level of training or discipline. In our opinion, this goal was achieved in 100%.